I AM...

I am a custom clothier and I wrote a book Restoring the Male Image. As a result of the book I produced a male image workshop that taught the principles of the book. So I began to take that on the road going to churches and speaking to men about enhancing their image.

Secondly, I am a mentor who takes inspiring young men very serious. I started mentoring young guys and realized there were many fundamental things that these young men lacked. One thing lacking was the appropriate value placed on their image. Many of them were sagging their jeans (a personal pet peeve of mine!).

So I launched my Tied To Greatness Non-profit Organization in an effort to improve the image, character and esteem of inner city teen males. I toured the country going into inner city high schools and conducting assemblies bringing men from the community with me to spend time investing in these young men. I use the symbolism of the necktie as a point of manhood and maturity to remind young men about the importance of personal image and to encourage each participant to make different choices about his future. After instructing them on the importance of image internally and externally, then I actually give the young man a lesson on how to tie the tie.

As a result of the Tied To Greatness Tour and the notoriety that it has brought me, I have been called in by colleges and universities that are concerned about the image of their students. So I now travel extensively sharing my insight and preparing college students for professional life and the corporate world.


I struggled with low self esteem in high school. I was extremely tall and painfully skinny, so when I went to college I decided to create a new image. I felt since I am so tall and I’m going to get noticed anyway, you will say he is the tallest – SHARPEST guy I have ever seen! Well it put me in a ton of debt, as I attempted to mask my insecurity with designer labels.

Long story short, I had a friend who challenged me to dig deep and find the source of my fashion addiction. As I did the inner reflection I had to admit that I hated what I looked like under all these fancy clothes. After all my internal work God began to bring healing to me. I began to see that I was fearfully and wonderfully made, and that God made no mistake designing me the way he did. So now I exude a confidence that is not based on the exterior, but it begins with knowing who God created me to be.

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