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King. Queen. (T-Shirts)
"Anything Else is Beneath Me"

Embrace these message tees from Dr. Alex Ellis.

Refuse to settle. Refuse to accept anything less than royalty.

King and Queen Shirts come in black, and in traditional men and women sizes. Order your message T-shirt today. (Sizes range from Small - 3XL).

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Books, Resources, and Products to Enhance Your Success

Restoring the Male Image: A Look from the Inside Out (Book)

In his book, Restoring the Male Image: A Look from the Inside Out, Dr. Alex Ellis aims to restore a man’s pride in his internal and external image. He introduces the reader to a powerful acronym for the word I.M.A.G.E.: I=Integrity; M=Manhood; A=Authority; G=Generosity; E= Excellence. This book is also a practical resource, giving men instructions on the basics of a gentlemen's wardrobe as well as how to appropriately dress for any occasion. It is a must have for any man who takes his image seriously and wants to dress with the authority needed to reach his destiny.

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Restoring the Male Image (Student Workbook)

This interactive student workbook is a companion to the Restoring the Male Image book. It incorporates relevant tools and practical lessons to help the reader grow through soul-searching and self-reflection. It also empowers the reader to do the self-work that is essential to move forward in life with wholeness. This workbook is not just a lesson to learn; it is a lesson to live.

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Restoring the Male Image (DVD)

This DVD is a men’s practical guide to style and fashion. This workshop teaches men how to dress well for their size, care for their clothing, how small details can make a difference in your style and how to dress well on a budget just to name a few. This is a must have for any man that seeks to present the best of who he is at all times, without breaking the bank in the process.

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Restoring the Male Image (Curriculum Set)

This Curriculum Set is a interactive course that helps groups of men develop their proper image in life. It includes copies of the Restoring the Image Book, DVD, Student Workbook, and Instructor’s Guide. This program can be used as a:

  • small group session – 1 instructor guide, 1 DVD, and 5 books and workbooks
  • large group session – 2 instructor guides, 1 DVD and 20 books & workbooks
  • classroom session – 5 instructor guides, 3 DVD and 100 books & workbooks

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