High-Energy, Interactive Keynotes, Workshops, and Seminars!

Dr. Alex Ellis is not just another speaker; he is an inspirational messenger who connects with diverse audiences of any size! As a master facilitator on Image, Alex is known for his high-energy, fun-filled interactive keynotes, workshops, and seminars for colleges, athletic departments, churches, and corporations. His most requested keynotes are “Restoring the Male Image”, “Tied To Greatness” and “Image is Power”.

"Image is Power"

Whether you are going on an interview, business meeting, making a presentation or a special evening with a significant other – Image is Everything! Dr. Alex Ellis delivers a high-energy interactive session that will make an immediate impact that guarantees long-term results. This workshop is sure to boost the students’ level of confidence and present valuable skills that will enhance their personal and professional image. Dr. Ellis will walk the students step-by-step through the core tenets of image refinement and authentic branding.

The students will learn:

  • How to maximize every opportunity by putting your best look forward.
  • ​How to look amazing on a college budget.
  • ​How to get preferred treatment by modifying some simple attire details
  • ​How to improve the student body’s image on campus
  • Wardrobe basics for men and women
  • ​How to select the appropriate attire for a career fair or interview
  • ​How to network in a way that makes you memorable

Dr. Alex Ellis is the go-to guy for teaching people to go beyond the basics of dressing and helps them build the image of success that gives them a bigger future. Dr. Alex can turn you into the total package.

- Jonathan Sprinkles, Award-winning author, TV personality, National Speaker of the Year

"It’s Time to Change the Game"

Many student athletes that dominate on the court secretly struggle with transitioning to a powerful persona in the business arena. “It’s Time to Change the Game” is an empowering life-changing image workshop. Dr. Alex Ellis reveals his step-by-step strategies from an interactive “playbook” that will ensure athletes develop an image that wins both on and off the court. This workshop is sure to raise both the confidence and appearance of every player whether they are dressing for an interview, traveling with the team, or attending a social event for the university.

The students will learn:

  • How your ability to dress the part will have a huge effect on your future career opportunities
  • How to dress for various occasions (travel, dinner, black tie affairs, etc.)
  • How to maximize your wardrobe potential on a limited budget
  • How to find clothing to fit your unique physique as an athlete
  • How to distinguish between professional dress, business casual, or casual attire.
  • Simple tricks that allow you to easily transition from athletic gear to professional attire
  • How to purchase simple accessories to enhance any outfit
  • How to have balance in your attire off the field
  • How to be graceful during business and social events

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"You Must Wear the Uniform"

We had Dr. Alex Ellis workshop “It’s Time to Change The Game…Go From Success in Sports to a Winning Professional Image” for our women’s basketball program. I highly recommend this impactful presentation for individuals, groups, teams, etc. looking to educate people on image and refining their own personal brand. It will benefit them for life."

- C. Vivian Stringer, Head Coach, Rutgers Women's Basketball Team

"Image Works: Image-Power In the Work Place”

Image is underestimated and often misunderstood. However, when it comes down to business, we must never underestimate the power of our image! Dr Alex Ellis reveals how to get employees to see how image affects the company’s bottom line. Allow your team to be inspired to exude excellence and professionalism on a totally different level. Therefore, your employees will uphold the company brand through their appearance. As well as use their image as a tool for advancement within your organization.

Participants will learn to:

  • Recognize the importance of their visual appearance as a component of the corporate identity
  • Master a consistently professional appearance on a daily basis
  • Define “professionalism” as it relates to the corporate vision/mission
  • Distinguish four levels of appropriate business casual and professional dress
  • Identify appropriate colors, accessories and fabrics for a ‘creatively professional’ and affordable working wardrobe
  • Define and increase awareness of their visual personal brand
  • Enhance the internal culture of their department through establishing effective and consistent corporate as well as their personal images
  • Assist the Executive/Senior Staff in projecting a powerful and consistent brand message to internal contacts and the marketplace.

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"The ABC's of Image"

Dr. Alex Ellis is an extraordinary man of etiquette whose practical presentation not only revolutionized the way our men carry themselves, but it took their view of self to another level.

- Ryan J., Dharius Daniels

"Restoring the Male Image"

A man's image is one of his most alluring characteristics. A man's image is defined by the blend of character, style, and sophistication. This interactive workshop will provoke men to take a deeper look both inside and out and determine whether what they convey is a reflection of their authentic self. Dr. Alex Ellis introduces the participants to a powerful acronym by exploring a series of qualities to help men identify and understand their IMAGE: I=Integrity; M=Manhood; A=Authority; G=Generosity; E= Excellence. Restoring the Male Image will challenge men to arise and confidently dress for their appointment with destiny!

The men will learn:

  • How to dress in a manner that commands respect
  • How to dress well for their physique
  • How to dress for success on any budget
  • How to establish a gentleman’s wardrobe of basics
  • How to maximize their current wardrobe
  • A holistic approach to image that begins internally with a commitment to personal integrity

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"Details Make The Difference"

Dr. Ellis captivated our group of mentees from beginning to end showcasing an eloquence, humor and mastery over the art of male etiquette and grooming often lost in today’s world of ill-fitting clothes and sagging pants."

- Plemmie Lawson III, Director of Educational Activities Wall Street Alphas Charitable Foundation

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